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Smiling therapist and child playing with colored pencils

Important Protocols and Procedures

We want My World to be a safe and fun environment for everyone, while working to achieve your child’s goals. Together we can accomplish this by following these procedures.

1. Drop Off Protocol
We will continue protocols to minimize the number of people inside the clinic, to ensure the health and safety of everyone. Please wait inside your vehicle until your child’s therapist comes to get them.

2. Pick Up Protocol
Unless alternate plans have been discussed with your child’s therapist, wait for your therapist to bring your child to your vehicle. Please remember that therapists often do not have time to sit and discuss at the end of every session; if you would like to have a longer discussion, you may schedule a time with your therapist or BCBA.

3. Respecting Therapists Time
It is important to be on time for both drop off and pick up. Therapists often have no break between clients, so they can not spend time waiting for a late pickup. Therapists also rely on session time with clients, so arriving on time is vital. If you will be late for either drop off or pickup, even if it is just a few minutes, please let us know as soon as possible.