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Why We Choose Kindness As Our Approach

Navigating the world of Autism support services for your child can be stress inducing for the entire family. We understand this at My World ABA and this is why we take a patient, thoughtful, and kind approach to each of our client interactions, assessments, and treatment plans. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss how we incorporate kindness into each of our processes as a community partner for autism. 

A Person-Centered Approach

We are called My World, because we understand that a child with Autism does not view the world the way neurotypical individuals do. They see it from their own special point of view; it’s their world and we’re just living in it.  This is why we develop what are known as person-centered treatment plans. We tailor the learning, and skill mastery experience to your child directly. We communicate with them on their level, and work patiently as they reach their milestones at their pace. By doing this we are teaching each child autonomy and fostering pride for their growth as individuals. 

We Offer Skill Building For The Entire Family 

We encourage parents to take ownership of their child’s skill development. We do this by patiently and kindly working with them one step at a time as they learn to understand their child’s behavior patterns. As the parent begins to understand, they can grow alongside their child. Both begin reaching milestones, and we are there to celebrate them the entire way. Our goal is to build sustainable living practices into the fabric of the family’s day-to-day routine. This helps their child with Autism adjust to their transition into school, and then the world. By teaching a parent to empathize with their child’s transition phases in life, we are teaching them kindness–which their child will pick up on overtime. 

We Provide A Team For Each IEP

Speaking of school, when it is time for a child to transition into their day-to-day learning environment, we are there for them. We provide close collaboration with teachers, therapists, caseworkers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, parents, and other client-centered providers. We create a plan that is going to make each child successful. This shows parents that their child has a team of support, and so do they. They are not alone.

My World ABA On Autonomy With Autism

Our team at My World ABA focuses on teaching each individual that passes through our doors what it means to be a kind, well-adjusted, and autonomous individual. We believe it is kind to teach people to function optimally within the beautiful boundaries of their world. If you or a loved one is interested in learning more about our services, contact us online or call (417) 818-5784.