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Top Resources For Autism Treatment In Springfield From My World ABA

Learning to look at the world through the eyes of someone affected by autism is a daunting feat for many. Our team here at My World ABA focuses on connecting with and supporting families who have autistic children, both during and post-diagnosis. 

The process of supporting families with children who are on the spectrum involves giving them the right resources to thrive. My World ABA has a vast amount of resources for families who are in need. In today’s blog, our team at My World ABA will cover just a few.

Missouri Department of Mental Health

The state of Missouri Office of Autism Services (OAS) provides incredible resources for families seeking to learn more about ongoing Autism projects, regulations and rights of families who have a child with Autism, and the Commission on ASD. For more information, please visit their site.

The Arc of the Ozarks

The community partners within the Arc of the Ozarks provide excellent programming for connecting families and children with Autism to community building. 

They have multiple divisions located in: Springfield, Kansas City, Joplin, and Monett that provide opportunities for families and children to feel included and engaged with. 

Social Networking Support Groups

Finally, it is critical to connect with a community of individuals that can identify and relate to your family’s unique path in life. Social networking can be a great tool to meet other families for parents to connect with, and for children with Autism to make new friends. 

One example is the Autism Support Group of Southwest Missouri. They can be found on Facebook, and any individuals that wish to join are treated with inclusivity. Building your village is highly important as you begin this journey.

My World ABA

Our services at My World ABA will equip your family with everything you need to cope with your family’s journey as you walk alongside Autism. We understand that each family member’s needs and emotions are deserving of care. 

This is why we work to make sure parents are equipped to become teachers. All family members parallel to the diagnosed child receive appropriate counseling and support. No one is left behind after diagnosis; everyone moves forward. 

My World ABA Will Source And Be A Resource For Your Family

Our team at My World ABA focuses on teaching each individual that passes through our doors what it means to be a kind, well-adjusted, and autonomous individual. 

We understand it is necessary to create an inclusive environment filled with care and support to help your child function optimally within the beautiful boundaries of their world. 

Our goal is to help your family adjust in the way that works best for them. If your family needs additional support in the diagnosis and life after diagnosis journey, don’t hesitate to contact us online or call (417) 818-5784.