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Quiet Ways To Reign In The New Year, My World ABA

My World ABA welcomes the New Year with all of our favorite community members! Celebrations are important for all people, even families that live on an adjusted schedule or routine. Families with Autism can have New Year’s celebrations, and enjoy the tradition with a few adjustments. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss a few celebration tips for those with sensory needs. 

Have A Weighted Blanket Ready

In the event that the night becomes too overwhelming, weighted blankets and a cuddle are a great way for establishing a secure feeling. 

If you know your child wants to settle in versus moving around, setting them up for success with their blanket and a silent movie while the family celebrates is an excellent way to compromise for all.

Be Prepared To Alter New Year’s Time 

Not everyone can stay up until midnight, and if your child follows a routine, they will not likely want to break it. 

This can be easily accommodated by counting down to an early New Year. Besides, it’s New Years at that time somewhere else — right? 

There’s nothing wrong with celebrating in the way that works best for your family, so go for it and have a New Year festivity at Noon, or a New Year at Eight. 

Have A Small Sensory Activity Available 

Engaging activities that feel nice on the hand or sound soft to the ear are a wonderful distraction from potential overstimulation. 

Soft glitter or confetti to throw when it’s time to celebrate the New Year or a watercraft might be a fun way to engage together in a way that works for your child. 

Silent Videos For The Win

The televised New Year party is always hilarious to watch, but the music can get pretty loud if precautions aren’t taken. A silent New Year’s party or an Earbud New Year’s party are great substitutes. 

In today’s world, there are apps that will stream the party and allow for the family to have an earbud in one ear, while also watching it in a silent form on the television. It’s easy to make the party great for everybody! This is also a great option for celebrating any potentially loud holiday: 4th of July, Christmas Parades…maybe not St. Patrick’s Day. 

My World ABA On IEP Support 

Our team at My World ABA focuses on teaching each individual that passes through our doors what it means to be a kind, well-adjusted, and autonomous individual. We understand it is necessary to provide IEP support in order for your child to learn to function optimally within the beautiful boundaries of their world. Our goal is to help your family adjust in the way that works best for them. If your family needs additional support for establishing IEP support, don’t hesitate to contact us online or call (417) 818-5784.