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Parent involvement in ABA therapy

How Parents Can Help With ABA Therapy

The purpose of Applied Behavior Therapy (ABA) is to help an autistic child learn behaviors that are positive and helpful while avoiding behaviors that can be damaging or disrupting. A large part of helping a child be successful in this therapy is parental understanding and involvement.

My World ABA explains how parents can help with ABA therapy and continue reinforcing goals at home.

What is ABA therapy?

ABA therapy is a flexible therapy that adjusts to meet the needs of each individual child. It is based on positive reinforcement, meaning when a child does a desired good behavior, they are rewarded. When they are rewarded for performing good behavior, the child is more likely to continue to repeat it.

It is often one-on-one therapy that can be done in any setting, including the home.

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How Can Parents Help?

It is important for parents to understand ABA therapy and be involved in what their child is working on, so they can continue the positive reinforcement at home. Having the techniques extend beyond a therapy session into everyday life is more likely to make them successful in changing a child’s behavior.

My World ABA Offers Parent Training

At My World ABA, we know it is important for parents to get involved in their child’s therapy, and we want to help provide all the resources necessary for parents to be successful at home. That is why we offer parent training as one of our services.

Our certified BCBAs will teach parents how to reward a child for positive behaviors at home and steer children away from unwanted behaviors. Knowing what your child is currently working on in therapy and being actively involved is one of the best ways to help them be successful.

My World ABA Offers Compassionate and Complete Autism Services in Springfield and Joplin

My World ABA is the leading center for ABA treatment in Southwest Missouri. We have clinics located in both Springfield and Joplin. Our team works with your child using certified ABA therapy techniques to learn more about themselves and the world around them. We support your child by creating an inclusive environment where they can play and build friendships. To learn more about our services, visit our website online or call (417) 818-5784 today.