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Child receiving ABA therapy treatment

My World ABA Explains the Process of Starting ABA Therapy in Springfield, MO

ABA Therapy or Applied Behavior Analysis is a form of therapy for children with autism. ABA education allows us to analyze children’s behavior, learning traits, and skill sets with this condition. According to the CDC, autism affects 1 in 44 children born nationally. As a parent or caregiver, it’s essential to understand how to communicate and interact with a child with autism. 

Autism is common, and people with autism grow up to live independent, healthy lives. Understanding your child’s disposition, learning styles, and habits will help you connect deeper. My World ABA is committed to delivering compassionate care and education for your children. Our programs help children with autism navigate the world around them and trust their environment. Today we discuss the process of receiving ABA therapy in Springfield, MO.

Step One: Initial Assessment

There are numerous benefits to ABA therapy programs for your child. Benefits include improved communication, attention to tasks, better social skills, and fewer behavioral issues. 

ABA therapy begins with an initial assessment, and we require preauthorization before evaluation. Preauthorization documents include your child’s autism diagnostic evaluation and a copy of your insurance card. 

Once the insurance company authorizes an initial assessment, our center representative will call you to schedule the appointment.

The initial assessment assists ABA providers in developing a treatment plan that is individualized to your child’s needs and includes recommendations and goals for treatment programming. 

We use qualified assessment tools to monitor, test, and evaluate your child’s needs. Once your child enrolls in our program, we facilitate ongoing assessments to track progress for ABA therapy in Springfield, MO. 

Step Two: Insurance & Financial Consultation 

When you arrive at the center, you and your child will be greeted by our front desk staff and provided with a folder containing forms required for reference that need to be filled out and returned. These forms include emergency contact numbers, the release of information, internet/photo release, text alert notification notice, policy regarding viewing your child’s session, insurance disclaimer, financial rates, and a payment policy questionnaire.

We work with insurance providers like Cigna, Aetna, UMR, Medicaid, and others. Insurance providers take the hassle out of payment plans. Through our services, children receive the highest care and attention they need. 

It’s crucial to be aware of your insurance obligation (i.e., co-pay, co-insurance, deductible) before starting ABA therapy in Springfield, MO. Understand that you are financially responsible for services not covered or deemed medically necessary by your insurance carrier, and all co-payments are due at the time of service. 

Step Three: The BCBA Will Conduct the Assessment

The BCBA is a board-certified behavior analyst. BCBA’s are trained to provide and supervise behavior analysis for children with autism. The BCBA will greet you and your child and bring you to a therapy room to conduct the assessment. Your child will be provided with various toys and activities to choose from and complete with our staff. 

Although this may look like free play, it will give the assessor an idea of your child’s current skill level. They will examine your child’s ability to play independently, follow directions, share and cooperate with others, and take turns for an ABA assessment in Springfield, MO. 

ABA therapy: young children playing with toys

Step Four: Question & Answer

The BCBA will conduct an assessment interview and ask questions regarding your child’s background information, family history, diagnoses, history of therapies, strengths, and weaknesses, behaviors, and treatment goals.

While you are answering these questions, the BCBA will also be observing your child’s behavior and skills to complete an informal assessment. This informal assessment is needed for your insurance company to approve the requested hours.

Step Five: Individualized Education Plan 

An individualized education plan (IEP) is a written plan created by a team of ABA specialists with the child’s parents. An IEP is a form of guided education tailored to a child with special needs. We create these plans based on what will help your child learn and succeed long-term. 

We collaborate with the parents to keep them included in every step. My World ABA is Springfield’s premier child development services center, MO. Parents commonly have questions about our services. We are happy to answer any concerns about the program. During the consultation, we cover: 

  • How often the child will visit the center
  • The specialists that will facilitate the play and education programs
  • Ways parents participate in child’s education
  • Flexible payment plans 
  •  Where the services will take place 

The BCBA will describe what sessions will look like for your child. You will be involved in individualized treatment planning and goal programming. The IEP is based on assessment results and the number of hours prescribed per week of therapy.

Step Six: Enrollment Paperwork

After the BCBA consultation, we file personal paperwork for your child. The BCBA will review all the information you’ve provided, including your child’s intake documents, diagnostic report, scripts, and assessment notes. We compile this information with the proposed treatment plan to submit to the insurance company. The process typically takes two weeks from the child’s initial assessment.

When we receive authorization from your insurance company, we will inform you and discuss when we can begin services. You will also receive a notice from your insurance company regarding the number of hours authorized.

MY World ABA is the Leading Center for ABA Therapy in Springfield, MO

ABA Therapy is beneficial for children with behavior or social difficulties. Through our program, children are free to learn and express themselves in a supportive and structured environment. Contact us online to learn more about our ABA treatment and therapeutic methods for your child.