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How To Connect With a Provider To Obtain An IEP, My World ABA

Navigating the school systems of today’s world is not only complex on the paperwork end, but also socially. Many parents worry about their child’s adaptability skills, and work hard to make sure they adjust optimally. Parents of children with Autism are no different. Finding support that will walk with your child through each life milestone is just as much our goal at My World ABA, as it is yours. In today’s blog, we’ll provide our top tips for establishing an IEP Provider. 

Know Your Rights

According to the state of Missouri’s Parents’ Bill of Rights, all children with disabilities are entitled to IEP services as they matriculate through the school system. 

This means that the school your child attends should either have an in-house IEP trained professional to aid your child’s journey, or the school should be willing to provide accommodations for one that accompanies your child to school. 

Do not settle for less or sacrifice the needs of your child, because your child has rights and options. At My World ABA, we openly support your child’s right to an IEP professional. We will help connect you with one or establish their IEP care ourselves. 

Know Your Needs

In order to establish appropriate IEP care, it’s important to have your child assessed through an ABA-accredited institution. Starting this process as early as possible will be best for your child’s adjustment process to in-school matriculation.

At My World ABA, we specialize in providing Initial & Ongoing Assessments for children with Autism. We will create a specialized plan for your child and family to best aid in adapting to life with Autism. We specialize in teaching coping skills, functionality, and life skills. 

Know Your Resources

Understanding your family’s needs is the first step. The second step is understanding how to find the resources you will need to continue forward successfully and unified. 

The Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri provides a lot of resources for parents of children with Autism who are needing a helping hand along the way.

My World ABA also offers in-person, in-office, virtual, and phone support for families of children with Autism. We believe it is important that you understand you are not alone in the process of matriculating your child into the schooling system. 

My World ABA On IEP Support 

Our team at My World ABA focuses on teaching each individual that passes through our doors what it means to be a kind, well-adjusted, and autonomous individual. We understand it is necessary to provide IEP support in order for your child to learn to function optimally within the beautiful boundaries of their world. Our goal is to help your family adjust in the way that works best for them. If your family needs additional support for establishing IEP support, don’t hesitate to contact us online or call (417) 818-5784.